Want to Buy Best Kitchen Chimney : Factors to Consider

Best Chimney for your Home.

When it comes to keeping a clean and odor-free kitchen, a kitchen chimney is essential. A kitchen chimney is one such device that has become a must-have in every family in modern kitchens to help with the cooking process. Whether you are building a new kitchen or modifying an old one, selecting the best kitchen chimney is critical to ensuring optimal ventilation and a pleasant cooking experience.

Let’s highlight the essential things to consider when purchasing a kitchen chimney so that you can make an informed decision and locate the best chimney for your home.

1.) Suction Power

  • The most important feature to look for in a kitchen chimney is suction power. The chimney's performance is determined by its capacity to remove smoke, smells, and grease from your kitchen.
  • For Indian cuisine, where we use a lot of spices and oils, a chimney with a high suction power is needed. For optimal performance, look for models with a minimum suction capacity of 1000m3/hr.

2.)  Operation with Low Noise

  • Nobody wants a noisy kitchen chimney that disrupts the peace and quiet of their house. Consider models with excellent noise reduction technologies when selecting a kitchen chimney.
  • This guarantees that the chimney runs silently and does not disturb you as you cook or spend time in the kitchen with your family.

 3.) Type of Filters

  • Filters of various types are used in kitchen chimneys to catch grease and smoke particles. Baffle filters and cassette filters are the two most prevalent types of filters.
  • Baffle filters separate grease more effectively and require less frequent cleaning.
  • Cassette filters, on the other hand, are less expensive but require regular maintenance. Select the filter type that best meets your requirements and preferences.

 4.) Size and Design of Kitchen and Chimney

  • The size of your kitchen chimney should match the size of the stove or hob. A little chimney will not properly absorb all of the gases, but a big chimney will look out of place and take up too much space.
  • Consider the design of the chimney as well to ensure that it complements the aesthetics of your kitchen.

5.)  Recognition of Brands

  • When purchasing a kitchen chimney, it is important to choose an established brand that is known for its quality and after-sales support. Brands like Faber India with a high reputation are more likely to give trustworthy items that last longer and greater customer service in the event of a problem.

6.)  Energy-efficiency

  • An energy-efficient kitchen chimney not only helps you save money on your electricity bill, but it also helps the environment.
  • Look for LED lighting and energy-efficient motors that use less power without sacrificing performance.

7.)  Auto-Cleaning Mode

  • Cleaning the kitchen chimney can be time-consuming. Luckily, some models have an auto-clean option that makes maintenance simple.
  • The auto-clean chimney feature removes accumulated grease and oil with heat or water, keeping your chimney clean and efficient.

Faber has different types of Kitchen Chimney’s that will keep the Kitchen Clean and Healthy Body:

  1. 3D Technology Kitchen Chimney
  2. 3in1 Aerostation Kitchen Chimney
  3. 6-way Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney
  4. Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney
  5. Collection Series Kitchen Chimney
  6. Conventional Kitchen Chimney
  7. Island/Ceiling Mounted Kitchen Chimney
  8. Steam Clean Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

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