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Aerostation Chimney

You love giving others a delightful experience with your cooking, so Faber is making cooking a delightful experience for you with Faber AeroStation 3-in-1 chimney. It’s a chimney, an air purifier, and a cooling fan all bundled into one.

Talika Chimney

Faber presents 3D Hood Chimneys, for the assurance of complete purity in the everyday Indian kitchen environment. No smoke is allowed to remain while you’re cooking a healthy meal for your family.

Faber Dishwasher

Let your dishes shine like your love for cooking with Faber dishwashers. No matter how oily or tough the stains, Faber dishwashers clean them right off leaving them spotless and your love for cooking as well as kitchen glowing. #LoveCookingLoveKitchen