Best OTG Oven for Home Use in 2024

best otg oven

Oven toaster grill a small kitchen appliance has transformed the cooking style. Faber India's best oven toaster grill (OTG) has a multi-cooking function. It also has a chamber light to check the food.

It is perfect for baking, grilling, and toasting. It is made of steel, has a black coating, and tempered glass. It has a tungsten heating element.

Let us study below how to choose the best OTG oven for your home .

Why choose the Faber OTG oven?

1. Quality : They are known for their high-quality materials and performance.

2. Features : It has temperature control, cooking modes, and convection technology.

3. Design : It has easy-to-use controls and a clear display.

4. Price : Faber OTG oven price fits in the budget.

5. Safety : It has auto shut-off, heat-resistant handles and safety glass doors.

Key Features of Faber OTG

1. Capacity : It comes in various sizes to fit small to large families.

2. Control : Its temperature control can bake, grill and toast.

3. Accessories : It comes with enameled bake tray, removable crumb tray, SS wire tray, rotisserie kit and SS tongs.

4. Energy : It consumes less energy.

5. Light : It has a built-in light to check.

6. Heat : Convection heating helps to cook food uniformly.

7. Preheat : It preheats faster than traditional ovens.

Top Faber OTG Models

1. FOTG BK 24L - Oven, Toaster, Griller

2. FOTG BK 34L (Double Glazed)

3. FOTG BK 45L - Oven, Toaster, Griller

How to choose the right OTG oven for Home

1. Cooking needs : Consider your cooking needs. For larger capacity oven toaster grill is ideal.

2. Space : Ensure the OTG oven fits your kitchen space and layout.

3. Functions : Look for features like convection, rotisserie, adjustable racks and cooking modes.

4. Warranty : Faber oven toaster has 2 years of warranty.

Tips for using OTG Oven

1. Heat : Preheat the OTG oven according to the recipe guidelines.

2.  Time : It has easy cooking time and temperature settings for different types of food.

3. Clean : Regularly clean to remove the food residues and grease build-up.

4. Efficient : With the energy efficient feature it can save bills.

Maintenance and Care Tips involved in Oven Toaster Grill

1. Wash : Wash it after every use to remove food left over.

2. Detergent : Clean it with a mild detergent or soft cloth to avoid surface damage. 

3. Remove : Take out removable parts to clean them separately.

4. Damage : Check for damage and call an expert for repair.  

Frequently asked questions

1. What can I cook in OTG oven?

You can bake, grill and toast. It can also roast and reheat the food.

2. How to preheat Oven Toaster Grill?

Set the temperature and run for 10-15 minutes.

3. Can I use metal dishes in the OTG oven?

Yes. Metal utensils are safe to use. Avoid using plastic or paper material.

4. How does the rotisserie function work?

It slowly rotates meat for even cooking. Insert the rotisserie rod through it and place it inside the OTG. Turn on the rotisserie mode.

5. What to do if OTG isn't heating properly?

Check if it's plugged in properly and the settings are accurate. If the problem continues, refer to the user manual or contact Faber customer support.


Buying the best oven toaster grill (OTG) can transform your cooking experience. These are space-saving and energy-efficient. OTG oven is perfect for baking, grilling, and toasting. It has convection technology with adjustable settings.

When buying the OTG consider capacity, cooking habits and kitchen space.

Faber's oven comes at a budget price . Regular use and proper maintenance help in its best performance.

Faber small appliances are reliable and efficient and can handle various tasks. Buy an oven toaster griller that fits best in your kitchen.

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