Faber Ceiling Mounted Collection Series- Sky Lift Chimney, White Glass, Cassette/Mesh Filter, 4 LED Lamps Faber Best Kitchen Chimney with High Suction Power 1000m3/hr- Width 90 cms
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₹ 164,143 MRP (Inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 178,290 Save  ₹ 14,147

90 cm

Cassete filter


₹ 178,290 ₹ 164,143
Faber Ceiling Mounted Collection Series- Nest Chimney, Stainless Less Steel, Cassette/Mesh Filter Faber Best Kitchen Chimney with High Suction Power 1000m3/hr- Width 86 cms
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₹ 164,143 MRP (Inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 178,290 Save  ₹ 14,147

86 cm

Cassete filter


₹ 178,290 ₹ 164,143
Faber Ceiling Mounted Collection Series- Pareo Chimney, Tibetan Silver, Cassette/Mesh Filter, 4 LED Lamps
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₹ 226,000 MRP (Inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 325,000 Save  ₹ 99,000

Cassete filter


₹ 325,000 ₹ 226,000
Faber Ceiling Mounted Collection Series- Talika Chimney, Aluminium Finish, Cassette/Mesh Filter, 2 LED Lamps Faber Best Kitchen Chimney with High Suction Power 1000m3/hr- Width 80 cms
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₹ 74,990 MRP (Inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 100,000 Save  ₹ 25,010

Cassete filter


₹ 100,000 ₹ 74,990

Kitchen chimneys have several advantages over exhaust fans. Kitchen Chimneys are installed right above the cooktop which allows them to immediately remove any cooking fumes or oil particles that are released. On the other hand, exhaust fans are installed away from the cooktop and take time to draw the smoke out. This gives chimneys a lot of advantages over an exhaust fan.

If you're looking for a clean and fresh kitchen that will gather compliments, you need to upgrade to the Faber Wall Ceiling Mounted Kitchen Chimney. Your kitchen needs this upgrade because, without a properly functioning chimney, the atmosphere inside the kitchen won't be favorable for those who spend most of their time inside it.
We come up with the widest range of designs and techniques in kitchen chimneys - in various shapes and sizes to fit all kitchen types.
A broad range of models is available based on different features, and installation types. These kitchen chimneys with powerful airflow not only keep your kitchen hygienic and clean but also add elegance to it.

Key Features Kitchen Chimney are as follows:-
1. Improves Air Quality - You should begin your meal prep at home in a clean and fresh kitchen for the safety of yourself and your family. This way, you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes in a hygienic and safe environment. Cooking in a smoky kitchen is not only suffocating, but it can also be dangerous.
2. Better Lightning - Kitchen Chimneys with pleasant lighting features can drastically improve the cooking experience by providing more light to see what you're doing. The bright cooking area can improve the mood of the person preparing the food.
3. Cleaner Kitchen - Over time, cooking oil particles that settle on cabinets and walls can make them look greasy and unsightly. These kitchen chimneys help keep your kitchen clean for longer by reducing the amount of smoke and grease in the air.
4. Modern Look - Installing a modern and latest chimney in your kitchen is not only a great way to make it more functional, but also to improve its aesthetics. You can give your kitchen a modern look by installing a sophisticated chimney that goes well with the decor.

Faber's modern black kitchen chimney with low noise technology can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen but also provide a more comfortable and stress-free cooking experience.

An auto clean kitchen chimney is equipped with a unique mechanism that cleans the chimney automatically, saving you the hassle of manually cleaning it. This feature is ideal for those who have busy schedules and don't have the time to clean the chimney regularly.

If you want to avoid the annoying noise that traditional chimneys make, then you should consider getting a low noise chimney with an auto clean feature. These types of chimneys come equipped with noise-reduction technology that keeps your kitchen quiet while they work their magic.

Collection Series Ceiling Mounted Chimneys - Premium Hoods to Elevate Your Kitchen

A kitchen chimne­y clears the air. It sucks up smoke, steam, and smells while you cook. Every kitche­n needs one. It stops the walls and ceilings from getting nasty and dirty. Faber India kitchen chimneys stand out. They look cool and suck up air very effectively. These­ chimneys use high-tech, which me­ans they work really well and don't make­ a lot of noise. Plus, they fit right into any kitchen style­. Cleaning their filters is a bre­eze, and they don't ne­ed much upkeeping. So, the­se chimneys make a practical and e­asy-to-look-after choice for eve­ry home. Another nifty thing about kitchen chimne­ys is that they're made to last. The­y're built strongly, using good quality stuff, ready to take on daily kitche­n hustle.

Faber India's colle­ction series chimney hoods are­ famous for its powerful high suction, and they run efficiently. All to make­ your kitchen smoke-free­. Plus, they last a long time.

Types of Collection series Chimney

Ceiling-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Elevate your kitchen atmosphere with the ceiling-mounted kitchen chimney, the peak of modern design. Consider the superb performance and visual appeal when you search for the best kitchen chimney for your home. This not only removes smoke and smells from your kitchen but also adds a touch of modern beauty.

This kitchen hood is a space-saving appliance that is excellent for modern houses and ideal for those who value design and function. You will get the following:

Efficiency and style

  • Ceiling-mounted selections will improve your kitchen environment with their stylish efficiency.

  • Space-saving appliances that combine superior utility with elegant design.

Ideal for Modern Homes

  • Ideal for those looking for the best kitchen chimney for their home.

  • Superior performance combined with a modern style.

Excellence in Ventilation

  • Accept the future of kitchen ventilation with the best ceiling-mounted chimney.

  • Ensures a smoke-free and odor-free kitchen while providing an elegant touch. 

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Wall-Mounted Collection Series Chimneys, known as among the best chimneys for modern home providing unparalleled kitchen elegance. Choosing the ideal wall-mounted Collection Series hood which stands out as a top choice, perfectly combining efficiency and a modern style.

Elegant Design

  • Add a sleek and attractive wall-mounted chimney to your kitchen.

  • For a cleaned cooking space, modern design meets the highest efficiency level.

Space-Saving Appliance

  • Ideal for kitchens with less space.

  • Collection Series wall-mounted chimneys provide ideal ventilation without compromising elegance.

Outstanding Performance

  • Select the right chimney for your home to ensure effective smoke and odour removal.

  • The Collection Series Wall-Mounted Chimney is a work of art, transforming your kitchen into a modern bliss where design and function blend peacefully.

6 Key Features of Collection Series Chimney Hood

  1. Suction Power Excellence:  These have strong suction power, ensuring that smoke and smells are effectively removed from your kitchen.

  2. Various Filter Options:  For improved filtration, it comes with several filter types like as baffle filters, mesh/cassettes filters, and charcoal filters.

Baffle Filter vs. Mesh Filter

Baffle Filter

  • It is made up of multiple curved panels.

  • Airflow is transferred, separating grease and pollutants.

  • It is ideal for heavy cooking as it reduces blockage and maintains efficiency.

Mesh Filter

  • Mesh made of coated aluminium or stainless steel.

  • Grease on the surface is collected.

  • Suitable for mild cooking but might require more regular cleaning.

  1. Options for Size and Design:  Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your kitchen design. Modern designs are enhanced by stylish designs, which offer an appealing touch to your kitchen.

  2. Operation with Low Noise: Many models include noise reduction technology, which ensures a quiet cooking environment.

  3. User-Friendly Controls: For simple operation, use simple touch controls or user-friendly push buttons.

  4. Simple to maintain: Easy cleaning with accessible filters ensures long-term performance.

The price range of the Best Seller from Collection Series Kitchen Chimney Hood

The price range of Faber Collection Series Chimney varies depending on the type, size, suction power and features of the product. 

  • Faber best-seller models range from  Rs. 74,990 to Rs. 2,26,000.

  • Below are the Best-selling models of the Chimneys with their features and price details:

  1. NEST - 1000m3/Hr, Ceiling Mounted, Cassettes Filter, Remote Control, 860mm Width, Glass Finish:  Rs.1,64,143 

  2. SKY LIFT - 1000m3/Hr, Ceiling Mounted, Cassettes Filter, Remote Control, 90cm Width, SWhite Glass Finish:  Rs.1,64,143 

  3. PAREO - 1000m3/Hr, Ceiling Mounted, Cassettes Filter, Remote Control, 50cm Width, Tibetan Silver Finish:  Rs.2,26,000

  4. TALIKA - 1000m3/Hr, Wall Mounted, Aluminium Filter, Touch Control, 80cm Width, Old Copper Finish:  Rs.74,990

Warranties on Kitchen Hood are

  • The warranty period for Chimney is 1 Year comprehensive.

5 Controls and User Interface of Collection Series Chimney hood

  1. Touch Controls for Easy Operation : It have user-friendly touch controls that enable for simple and precise adjustments.

  2. Push Buttons for Easy Access : Some models include push buttons for simple control, ensuring that all users can use them.

  3. Capabilities for Remote Control : These hoods offer remote control capabilities, which provide more convenience from a distance.

  4. Options for Mode Selection :  For specific functioning, select from several modes such as ranging fan speeds and lighting options.

  5. Sleek and modern user interface : The controls and interface are created with a modern style, blending in with your modern kitchen.

Installation and Maintenance of Collection Series Chimney Hood

Experience the ease of installation and maintenance with a user-friendly kitchen experience in Collection Series Chimney Hoods.

  1. Installation :  To ensure the best performance, expert installation of Chimney Hood is required.

  2. Installation Instructions : The chimney has easy installation directions, making it simple for homeowners.

  3. Routine Cleaning Procedures :  Maintain high efficiency by setting up a routine cleaning with easily accessible filters.

  4. Guidelines for Filter Replacement : To ensure optimal performance, follow the manufacturer's instructions for timely filter replacements.

  5. User-Friendly Upkeep : This chimney was designed with user ease in mind, simplifying maintenance and maintaining lifespan and long-term efficacy.

5 Factors to consider when purchasing a Collection Series Chimney

When choosing a Chimney for the home , consider these factors to ensure an ideal balance of functionality, style, and efficiency in your kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Size and Layout : Consider the layout of your kitchen when choosing a Collection Series Chimney that will fit well.

  2. Cooking Methods :  Determine the high suction power and filter type to provide efficient ventilation.

  3. Elegance and Design : With the beautiful design options of Collection Series Chimneys, you can ensure a uniform look in your kitchen.

  4. Preferences for Noise Level : These chimney hoods comes with best noise reduction capabilities.

  5. Considerations for the Budget : Determine a budget range and look at Collection Series Chimneys that fit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What makes Collection Series Chimneys stand out?

Collection Series Chimneys stand out for their unparalleled combination of style and functionality. With sleek designs and efficient ventilation, they elevate any kitchen.

Are they suitable for all kitchen sizes?

Yes, it come in various sizes, making them adaptable to different kitchen dimensions.

How is the noise level during operation?

Many models feature noise reduction technology for a quieter cooking experience.

What filter options are available?

Collection Series offers diverse filter types, including baffle, mesh, and charcoal filters, catering to various cooking needs.

How user-friendly are the controls?

Controls are intuitive, with touch panels or easy-to-use push buttons for seamless operation.


choosing the best chimney for your home is an important choice, and the Collection Series Chimneys hood shine out as an excellent option. They offer great functionality with their efficient ventilation, simplified designs, and user-friendly controls. It ensures a fresh and attractive kitchen environment, whether you choose a ceiling-mounted chimney or a wall-mounted alternative.

These chimneys provide a customized option by taking into factors such as kitchen size, cooking habits, and noise preferences. Elevate your cooking experience with the Collection Series, where each model represents a harmonic balance of elegance and performance, making it the best choice for those looking for the best possible level of kitchen ventilation. With the best chimney - the Collection Series - you can transform your kitchen into a trendy and efficient center.

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