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Faber is the worldwide leader in the best Kitchen Chimneys/hoods. The prime function of the Kitchen Chimney is to direct the smoke away from the stove and out of the house.
Faber is a household name when it comes to Kitchen essentials –Chimney/Hoods, Hobs, Cooktops, or built-in appliances. It’s our way of creating Kitchen appliances that meet your actual needs.

Key Features of the Conventional Chimney are as follows:-
• Suction Power - This Faber chimney has a high suction power of 1000 m3/h, which allows you to cook your food quickly and peacefully. The High Suction power of this kitchen chimney is essential when cooking because it helps to get rid of oil and smoke particles.

• Cassette Filter - This kitchen chimney has a high-quality cassette filter that captures fine dust and smoke particles, providing you with a clean and fresh environment.

• LED Lamps – The Kitchen Chimney with 2 LED lamps, is designed to consume less power while providing the perfect amount of light for cooking.

• Baffle Filter - The stainless steel baffle filter of this kitchen chimney is high-quality and helpful in dragging down oil, smoke, and residue particles. It doesn't need to be cleaned as often as other filters but occasionally to ensure it's working properly.

• Push Button - This kitchen chimney comes with 3 speeds and a separate button for light, giving you the flexibility of operating light irrespective of speed buttons.

• Noise level - A less noisy kitchen chimney will create a calm environment to focus on your cooking. Hence kitchen should be a place where you can cook without any distractions or disturbances.

• Elegant Design - The Faber kitchen chimney is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. The powder-coated body adds durability and ensures reliable long-term quality performance.

• Powerful Motor - The Faber kitchen hoods are the powerful motor that provides efficient high suction capacity, long durability, and less noise.

Faber adds a modern and stylish addition to your kitchen that also functions exceptionally well, a black kitchen chimney is a great choice. The latest chimney models are designed with advanced technology that ensures high suction power, efficient smoke extraction, and some models even come with an auto clean feature.

Low noise chimney with the latest features, including auto clean technology and a sleek black design, can be an excellent addition to any modern kitchen.
These types of chimneys come equipped with noise-reduction technology that keeps your kitchen quiet while they work their magic.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using Conventional Kitchen Chimneys

Investing in the best chimney is very important when it comes to creating a clean and efficient cooking space. Wall-mounted options, such as baffle and electric chimneys, provide modern solutions for homes. 

Consider ductless choices, which are ideal for Indian kitchens without a duct system, while buying kitchen chimneys online. Home chimneys, particularly those that are wall-mounted, provide continuous ventilation, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. 

The best chimneys are fitted with powerful fans and efficient filters to ensure peak performance. Modern kitchen chimneys, particularly ductless ones, have auto-cleaning capabilities that make maintenance easy.

Types of Conventional Kitchen Chimney

Ducted Chimney

Ducted kitchen chimneys work to improve your cooking experience. Consider the powerful suction power of wall-mounted appliances, while purchasing the best chimney for your home. These amazing innovations move cooking gasses through a duct system and release them outside. The ducted kitchen chimney is ideal for households with gas burners because it maintains a clean and odor-free environment.

Installation Requirements of the Ducted Kitchen Chimney

  1. Professional Installation: To ensure good operation, optimal installation needs professional help.
  2. Duct System Access: For perfect ventilation, ducted chimneys need access to an external duct system.
  3. Considerations for Space: Wall-mounted solutions may have special space requirements, assessing kitchen installation locations.
  4. Electrical Connection: Provide a reliable source of electricity for electric chimneys to improve their function.

The Benefits of Ducted Kitchen Chimneys

  1. Efficient Ventilation: Ducted chimneys excels at removing smoke, smells, and grease, resulting in a clean kitchen.
  2. Powerful Performance: Designed for high-intensity cooking, these chimneys provide high suction power, which is especially important in Indian kitchens with a variety of cooking styles.
  3. Consistent Airflow: With a duct system in place, these chimneys provide consistent airflow, preventing pollutants in the kitchen from being recirculated.

Ductless Chimney

When you buy the best for your home, you may discover the simplicity of ductless kitchen chimneys. These chimneys, available in baffle or electric forms, revolutionize kitchen ventilation. They are ideal for Indian kitchens without ducts because they use superior filtration to recirculate cleansed air. Maintenance easier with ductless auto-cleaning options. Explore the best chimney online, integrating efficient, ductless technology that maintains your kitchen fresh and friendly.

Installation Requirements of the Ductless Kitchen Chimney

Ductless chimneys are easy to install and often allow for a do-it-  your self configuration.

  1. Space Versatility: Wall-mounted solutions allow for more flexibility in choosing installation locations within the kitchen.
  2. No External Duct Needed: There is no need for an external duct. Ideal for ductless kitchens, removing the need for an external duct system.
  3. Electrical Connection: Ensure a consistent power supply for chimneys, to ensure optimal performance.

Consider these installation factors when choosing the best chimney for your kitchen for a seamless and efficient setup according to your home's needs.

The Benefits of Ductless Kitchen Chimneys

  1. Filtration: Ductless chimneys filter and recirculate air effectively, reducing cooking smells and pollutants.
  2. Best for Indian Kitchens: These chimneys are great at handling different and spicy foods because they have been designed for Indian cooking traditions.
  3. Online Buy Convenience: Buy the best kitchen chimney online, exploring a variety of ductless options, including auto-clean models.

Price range of the Best Seller from Conventional Kitchen Chimney

The price range of Faber Conventional Chimney varies depending on the type, size, suction power and features of the product. 

  • Faber best seller models range from Rs. 6,490 to Rs. 17,517.
  • Below are the Best-selling models of the Chimneys are
  2. Conico Plus BF BK 60 


  • Price Range of Models are as below:

    1. 1000m3/Hr, Wall Mounted, Baffle Filter, Manual Cleaning, 60cm Width:  Rs.6,490 
    2. 800m3/Hr, Wall Mounted, 3 Layer Baffle Filter, LED Light, 60cm Width, Push Button:  Rs.7,958
    3. 1000m3/Hr, Wall Mounted, 3 Layer Baffle Filter, Push Button, 60cm Width, LED Lamp:  Rs.11,983 
    4. 1000m3/Hr, Wall Mounted, Cassette Filter, Touch Control, 60cm Width, LED Lamp:  Rs.17,517

    Warranties on Kitchen Hood are

    • The warranty period for Chimney is 12 Years Motor Warranty and 1 year comprehensive.
    • 5 Components of a Conventional Kitchen Chimney

    Things to consider before buying a Conventional Kitchen Chimney

    When considering the conventional chimney for your home, the below components play a vital role in creating a clean, well-ventilated kitchen space.

    1. Powerful Fan/Blower: The chimney's heart, it takes in and expels air, ensuring proper ventilation in the kitchen.
    2. Efficient Filters: Grease filters capture particles, avoiding grease build-up on surfaces, and some versions have extra charcoal filters to remove odours.
    3. Lighting: Built-in lights brighten the cooking area, improving visibility and comfort while preparing food.
    4. Wall-Mounted Design: Wall-mounted chimneys efficiently collect and eliminate cooking wastes and are ideal for a variety of kitchen layouts.
    5. Duct System (for Ducted Chimneys): Expelled air flows outside, ensuring effective elimination of smoke and odours.

    5 Benefits of Conventional Kitchen Chimneys

    1. Improved Indoor Air Quality: These chimney removes smoke, odours, and contaminants from the kitchen, resulting in a healthier environment.
    2. Grease Filters: Grease filters in these chimneys cut grease build-up on kitchen surfaces, reducing maintenance efforts.
    3. Improved Cooking Experience: Wall-mounted, baffle filter, auto-clean or electric alternatives enable efficient ventilation, resulting in a more pleasant and delightful cooking environment.
    4. Versatile Designs: No. of designs available to meet the layout and design of the kitchen ranging from wall mounted to ductless chimneys.
    5. Odour-Free Indian Cooking: These chimneys are ideal for Indian kitchens since they can handle a variety of fragrant foods while keeping a fresh atmosphere.

    5 Maintenance Tips for Conventional Kitchen Chimneys

    Regular maintenance ensures longevity and efficiency when buying kitchen chimney for your home. Explore and implement these simple procedures to keep your kitchen air fresh and your chimney in good working order.

    1. Regular Filter Cleaning: Cleaning grease filters on a regular basis helps to ensure consistent performance by preventing barriers and ensuring adequate airflow.
    2. Duct Inspection and Cleaning (for Ducted Chimneys): Regular duct inspection and cleaning is necessary for ideal ventilation.
    3. Ductless Chimney Filters: Clean or replace filters as needed to ensure that particles in air that is recirculated are successfully collected.
    4. Auto-Clean Technology: Explore ductless auto-clean chimneys for hassle-free maintenance by automating the cleaning procedure.
    5. Light Bulb Replacement: Replace any fade out light bulbs as soon as possible to ensure bright cooking areas.

    5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Conventional Kitchen Chimney

    When buying the kitchen chimney for your home, these factors will help you make a right decision that will enhance both utility and style in your kitchen.

    1. Kitchen Size: Measure your kitchen to find a chimney that fits and ventilates your space.
    2. Cooking Style: To choose the best chimney type (ducted or ductless), consider your cooking habits (frequency, type of food).
    3. Budget: Set a budget range and look into chimneys that have the best features within your budget.
    4. Chimney Design: Depending on the design of your kitchen and your style choices, choose between wall-mounted or island designs.
    5. Stove Compatibility: For smooth integration, ensure compatibility with your stove, whether gas or electric.

    Conventional Kitchen Chimneys FAQs

  • What are the types of conventional kitchen chimneys?
  • Conventional kitchen chimneys come in two types: Ducted, which expels cooking gases outside, and Ductless, using filtration to recirculate clean air.

  • What are the benefits of ducted kitchen chimneys?
  • Ducted kitchen chimneys offer efficient ventilation, powerful performance, and consistent airflow, making them ideal for high-intensity Indian cooking.

  • How do ductless kitchen chimneys work?
  • Ductless kitchen chimneys filter and recirculate air, eliminating cooking smells and pollutants without needing an external duct system.

  • What should be considered when installing a kitchen chimney?
  • Consider professional installation, space requirements, electrical connections, and whether your kitchen supports a ducted or ductless system.

  • What are the maintenance tips for conventional kitchen chimneys?
  • Maintain chimneys by regularly cleaning filters, inspecting ducts, utilizing auto-clean features, and replacing light bulbs for optimal performance.


    As we come to the end of our journey into the world of Faber India's kitchen chimney, it's clear that choosing the ideal match requires careful consideration. Whether you choose a wall-mounted baffle chimney or a ductless auto-clean model, each option impacts the efficiency and style of your kitchen. When buying online, keep your kitchen size, cooking preferences, and budget in mind. A modern kitchen chimney, whether electric or Indian-style, enhances not only ventilation but also the overall cooking experience. Enjoy the ease of shopping online and explore a variety of chimneys that easily combine efficiency and beauty, providing the ideal cooking paradise in your house.

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