Choosing the best Electric Water Heater over Gas Water Heater

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Faber brings you the best electric water heaters that are perfect for your home, kitchen, and bathroom needs. These electric water heaters are a modern delight.  They work by heating water using electricity, ensuring a constant supply of hot water whenever you need it. While using electricity to heat water, they reduce harmful emissions and your carbon footprint.

Role of Electric Water Heater in Daily Routine

A reliable water heater for the bathroom can soothingly start your day. In the kitchen, electric water heaters help with dishwashing.

Faber knows the importance of consistent hot water in your daily routine and hence offers a range of electric water heaters that suit your home, kitchen, and bathroom needs. Buy the best water heater from Faber online.

Types of Electric Water Heaters: Storage Tank vs. Tankless

When it comes to hot water, Faber's best electric water heaters provide two options: storage tank heaters and tankless heaters.

  1. Storage Tank Water Heaters: These function like a large, heated tank. They store hot water for later use, making it ideal for houses that use hot water frequently. Perfect for long, relaxing showers as well as quick kitchen activities.
  2. Tankless or Instant water heaters: Also known as on-demand heaters. They heat water as it runs through them, removing the need for storage. Tankless heaters are energy-efficient and excellent for houses that only need hot water when it is required.

Choosing Faber Electric Water Heaters for More Sustainable Home

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, switch to Faber's best electric water heaters. As this is a smart and healthy decision that benefits both you and the environment. 

Electric water heaters reduce harmful chemicals and create a cleaner environment by heating water with electricity. It's a small modification but with a big impact: less pollution, more green practices.

The Environmental Benefits of Faber Electric Water Heaters

  1. Faber electric water heaters play an essential role in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 
  2. They reduce pollution that harms the ecosystem by using power to heat water. 
  3. This sustainable option helps in the fight against climate change and keeps our environment clean.
  4. Furthermore, Faber's electric water heaters are efficient, requiring less energy to heat water. This means less energy use and less demand on power resources.

Switching to Faber's electric water heaters helps contribute to a better environment, offering hot water for your house, kitchen, and bathroom. Buy the energy-saving best electric water heater online from Faber India.

The Health Benefits of Faber Electric Water Heaters

When it comes to the health and safety of your house, Faber's electric water heaters are the best. Let's look at how these water heaters can bring comfort to your daily life.

  1. Electric water heaters, unlike gas water heaters, do not emit dangerous pollutants such as carbon monoxide.
  2. These water heaters reduce the risks connected with gas leaks.

Comparing Electric Water Heater vs. Gas Water Heater

Electric Water Heater

Gas Water Heater

Efficient heating with quick access to hot water.

Take a little bit more time to heat water

Lower initial spending and simple installation.

Higher Operational Cost

Eco-friendly, as no emissions are produced.

Emit greenhouse gases during combustion

With no combustion products, this is a safer option.

It requires appropriate ventilation and has safety implications.

Easier to install as require less space.

Complex installation, as nee proper  venting and gas line connections.

Have longer life span

Have shorter life span

6 Tips for Enhancing the Performance of an Electric Water Heater

Faber's best electric water heaters offer you warm showers and hot water for cooking. Let's see how to improve its efficiency.

  • Temperature Setting: Set the temperature of your water heater to a safe and pleasant setting. Higher settings consume more energy.
  • Insulation is essential: To avoid heat loss, insulate your water heater and hot water lines. This extends the life of the water and saves electricity.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule an annual service to keep your water heater in good working order. Cleaning it to remove deposited dirt and enhances its efficiency.
  • Fix Leaks:  Even minor leaks waste energy and might lead to bigger problems. 
  • Upgrade Taps: Install low-flow faucets and showerheads to reduce hot water use while maintaining comfort.
  • Limit Hot Water Usage During Peak Times: Do not overload your water heater during peak hours.

Maintenance and Care for Electric Water Heater

  1. Regular Check: Keep checking for any leakage, corrosion or rust every few months. This helps in the early detection of problems.
  2. Temperature Adjustment: Set the temperature to a comfortable level. Higher temperatures may result in energy waste.
  3. Cleaning Routine: Cleaning your water heater once a year reduces deposits and keeps it running smoothly.
  4. Safety First: Always turn off the power before beginning any maintenance operations.
  5. Professional Check-up: Consider a yearly professional check-up to identify any possible issues.


Electric water heaters are a good choice for many homeowners because they are more energy-efficient, safer and quieter than gas water heaters. The best electric water heaters from Faber are designed to provide you with comfort and durability. It is simple and satisfying to improve the performance of your Faber electric water heater.

By following some tips, you can ensure that your water heater runs efficiently, supplying you with hot water whenever needed. They also have a longer life span and are easier to maintain. Electric water heaters are the best for the environment as they do not emit any greenhouse gases.

Remember to keep the temperature right - not too hot to waste energy. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning out dirt, keeps your water heater in good working order. Buy the best electric storage or electric instant water heater from Faber India.

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