What is built-in microwave?

Best built-in microwave for the kitchen


Microwaves have become a key component of modern kitchens. They are simplifying our lives and speeding up the cooking process. 

Built-in microwaves stand out above, due to its easy integration and space-saving features. Understanding what a built-in microwave is and how it improves your kitchen will help you cook more efficiently.

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  2. Built-in Refrigerator
  3. Built-in Warmer Drawers
  4. Wine Coolers

Basics of Microwave

A built-in microwave is a kitchen appliance that can be placed into the cabinets or walls of your kitchen. Built-in microwaves, as compared to countertop microwaves, can be hidden, giving your kitchen a clean and tidy appearance. Its function is to provide simple and effective cooking as reheating, and defrosting of food using microwave technology.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with the best kitchen appliances, considering built-in microwaves is important. Some of the most important microwaves for home kitchens are made by Faber. These appliances are part of the trend as the best built-in appliances for your kitchen to maximize space and functionality.

Understanding Microwave Technology

  • Microwave technology produces heat within food by using electromagnetic radiation. 
  • When we put a meal in the microwave and set its time, the microwave releases these waves that enter the food and cause water molecules to vibrate.
  • This vibration produces heat, which cooks your food quickly and efficiently. 
  • Built-in microwaves use the same basic technology as countertop microwaves, but they provide more functionality and convenience.


  • Installing a built-in microwave requires little preparation. You need to measure the area where wish to place it before you buy it.
  • Check that the microwave can be supported by the cabinet or wall. It is important to get expert help if you are unsure about installation. 
  • Faber India makes many varieties of microwaves for the kitchen, and their products include installation instructions.

6 Advantages of Built-In Microwaves​​​​​

Built-in Microwaves offers several benefits, making it as an excellent choice for kitchen.

  1. Smooth Integration: These microwaves are designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen cabinets, saving space and creating a uniform look.
  2. Saving space: As they are installed in cabinets, they free up counter space for other activities.
  3. Customization: Many built-in microwaves are available in a variety of sizes and designs, allowing you to pick one that matches the look of your kitchen.
  4. Enhanced Ventilation: Some models feature advanced ventilation and exhaust systems to keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh.
  5. Smart Technology: Built-in microwaves come with smart features allowing us to control and track cooking via smartphone or virtual assistants.
  6. Higher Quality: these microwaves are made with higher quality materials and components to last longer and perform better.

Safety Guidelines

When it comes to built-in kitchen appliances, those with electrical components, safety comes first. When installing a built-in microwave, follow these safety precautions:

  1. Secure Electrical Connections: Carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations to guarantee proper electrical connections and avoid dangers.
  2. Avoid Overloading Circuits: Microwaves need a lot of power. By ensuring that the microwave has its own dedicated circuit, you can avoid overloading circuits.
  3. Proper Ventilation: Proper air flow minimizes overheating and promotes optimal microwave performance. Follow ventilation placement and required installation recommendations.

        4 Steps needed for its Maintenance and Care

        1. Cleaning Instructions: Wipe off the interior after each usage and wipe any residue immediately.
        2. Exterior Care: Clean the outside surface with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Harsh cleaners should be avoided as they may damage the surface.
        3. Air Filters: If your microwave contains air filters, clean or replace them according to the manual instructions.
        4. Door Seal Check: Check the door seal for cleanliness to prevent heat from escaping and to preserve energy efficiency.


        A built-in microwave from a brand like Faber might be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. 

        Faber India is best in kitchen appliances for easy integration, space-saving benefits, and innovation. When looking for the best microwave for the kitchen, a built-in model can improve your cooking experience with a modern touch.

        Buy the best microwave for your kitchen online, through a variety of alternatives and selecting the one that best meets your needs and style. Built-in appliances are a tribute to the innovative thinking for modern kitchen design with the trend of the large varieties of built-in appliances.

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