Best 5 Burner Gas Stoves under ₹30,000 in India

best kitchen chimney in india


5 Burner Gas Stove is an important kitchen appliance for a home in India. Faber India gas appliances play an important role in making food. Its quick heat control and safety features make cooking easy and efficient. Elevate your cooking experience with a modern 5-burner Gas Hob.

Advantages of 5 Gas Hob

1. Ease : The 5-burner gas stove is easy to use.

2. Heat : It has quick heat control to adjust the temperature in cooking.

3. Cookware : You can use different cookware sizes for cooking.

4. Versatile : It has more cooking space to prepare many dishes.

5. Efficient : These are efficient and are the top choice among users.

6. Space : It provides enough space for cooking large meals for bigger families.

7. Burners : These models come with a special powered burner for quick boiling.

Material and Build Quality of 5 burner Gas Hob

1. Burners : The Faber 5 burner gas stove comes with brass burners to support high temperatures.

2. Spill Proof : It enables long-lasting efficiency of the hob by preventing spilled liquid from entering the chamber.

3. Ignite : It automatically ignites the burner without an external source.

4. Knobs : This hob cooktop is fitted with premium quality metallic knobs.

5. MS Powder coating : It has MS and round powder coating to protect against scratches and rust.

6. Glass : They have tough tempered glass which gives a sleek and modern look.

7. Cast Iron Grates : They provide strong support for cookware and spread heat evenly.

If you are searching for the best 5 burner gas stove under ₹30,000, please have a look at the below models to select.

A.  NiOS DLX 905 BB BK


1. Brass Burner

2. MS Powder Coated

3. Non-Auto Ignition

4. 1 small, 2 medium and 2 Jumbo burners

5. Crown Shape Pan support

6. 7 years warranty on glass and 5 years on burners and valve



1. 5 Brass Burner

2. Round Powder Coated Pan support

3. 1 Small, 2 Medium and 1 Jumbo burner

4. 2 years warranty on valves and burners

5. 7mm Toughened glass

6. In-Built Auto electric, Battery operated

7. Easy to clean

8. 90cm Width

C. Hob Maxus HT905 CRS BR CI AI


1. Brass Burner

2. Black Enamel Coated

3. 2 years warranty burners and 5 years on glass and valve

4. Premium metal Knob

5. Auto ignition

6.Cast Iron Pan support



1. 5 Brass Burner

2. Enamelled Grid

3. Auto Ignition

4. 3 Triple Ring Burner, 2 Double Ring Burner

5. 2 years warranty on glass and 5 years on burner and valve

6. Cast Iron Finish

Safety features of 5 Burner Gas Hob

1. Auto : Auto Ignition eliminates the need for matches or lighters, reducing accidental burns.

2. Spill : It prevents the spilled liquid from entering the chamber and hence easy to clean.

3. Flame failure : Choose a gas stove that shuts off the gas supply if there is any flame failure.

4. Valves : These hob tops regulate the gas flow and prevent leakage.

5. Lock : It has a child lock feature to prevent accidental ignition.

6. Non-Slip : Non-slip feet help keep the stove securely in place.


Maintenance and Care Tips for 5 Burner gas stove

1. Cleaners : To protect the stove's surface, use soft cleaners.

2. Cap : Remove and clean the burner cap and grates for proper gas flow.

3. Leaks : Use a soapy solution to check connections for gas leaks.

4. Ventilate : Proper ventilation is required to remove the cooking smell.

5. Burner head : Remove burner heads and clean any food residue or grease. Use a soft brush or toothpick to clean.

6. Cleaning : Clean the gas stove to prevent residue build-up.

7. Scratch : To avoid scratches on the surface avoid hard scrubbing.

8. Handle : Avoid dropping heavy items on the stove to prevent damage. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Does the 5 burner gas stove have auto-ignition?

Yes. They come with an auto-ignition feature for easy and safe lightning.

2. What materials are used to construct 5 burner gas hob?

It features a stainless steel body with a tough glass top and cast iron or brass burners.

3. How to choose the right size of burners for cooking?

Selecting a burner is based on cooking habits. A high-powered burner is good for boiling and frying. A small burner is for cooking delicate dishes.

4. What type of pan supports are best for stability?

Cast iron pan supports are best for the stability of heavy pots and pans.

5. Are glass top stoves durable?

Yes. It is easy to clean. Modern glass tops can withstand high heat and are more durable.

6. Are the burner's sizes different in 5 burner gas stoves?

Yes. It usually has different burner sizes. Some for regular use and some for delicate tasks.


Choose 5 burner gas hob for the best cooking performance in large families. It includes high-powered and simmer options to prepare multiple dishes at the same time.

Faber India offers a variety of the best kitchen gas appliances that change the cooking experience. 5 burner gas stoves are efficient and versatile. Consider safety like flame failure, child lock, sturdy pan support and care tips before buying. We have various options of 5 burner gas stoves under 30,000 Rs. Explore Faber's collection and buy the best hob top online now.

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