4 Burner Vs 5 Burner Gas Stove - Which Is Better And Why?

4 Burner Vs 5 Burner Gas Stove

Gas Appliances play an irreplaceable role in the cooking. Buying the best cooktop as per your needs and kitchen space is also necessary. 4 Burner Gas Stoves and 5 Burner Gas Stoves are useful in cooking food for medium to large families.

While Choosing a Gas Stove, always consider features like flame control, safety features, durability, and body build-up before buying.

Elevate your home kitchen with Faber India’s modern Gas Hobtop. Let’s explore more about 4 and 5 Burner Gas Stoves.

Advantages of 4 Burner Gas stove

1. Compact : It is functional and takes less space.

2. Capacity : It has a cooking capacity for a medium family.

3. Heat : It offers heat control to adjust the temperature while cooking

4. Space : It takes limited countertop space in the kitchen.

5. Low - cost : These stove burners are the best performers in budget.

6. Clean : The 4 burner gas stove is easy to clean and maintain.

Advantages of 5 Gas Stove Burners

1. Space : 5 burner gas stove gives more space for cooking.

2. Flexible : We can use more heat settings for different cooking. 

3. Big : It’s good for large kitchens to serve medium and large families.

4. Affordable : Faber gas stove burners are affordable.

5. Burners : They have a special powered burner for quick boiling.

6. Advanced : Faber 5 stove burner has advanced features such as auto-ignition and flame failure safety devices.

7. Spill Proof : It enables long-lasting efficiency of the hob by preventing spilled liquid from entering the chamber.

4-burner vs. 5-burner Gas Stove - The Difference

4 Burner Gas Hob

1. Is good for performing daily routine tasks.

2. Ideal for normal kitchen space.

3. It offers cooking space for medium families.

5 Burner Gas Hob

1. Ideal for a large kitchen with more space.

2. It has more space to serve large families.

3. One can cook multiple types of food with heat settings.

4. Many dishes can be served at a time.

Key Factors to consider before buying 4 Stove Hob and 5 Stove Hob

1. Demand : Examine your cooking needs and the number of dishes required daily.

2. Habits : 5 burner gas stove offers more flexibility and capacity in cooking with different heat settings.

3. Space : Consider the kitchen space and layout for counter space.

4. Preference : Choose the stove size that fits well in your home kitchen.

5. Features : Faber gas stove burner has auto-ignition and flame failure safety device features.

6. Material : Both models have stainless steel and durable cast iron pan support.

7. Care : Faber’s best gas appliances are easy to clean and maintain.

Safety Features of Hob Top

1. Knobs : Faber gas stove knobs are made from heat-resistant material to prevent overheating.

2. Child Lock : It prevents accidental ignition or change by children for safety concerns.

3. Safety : Consider the hob top which regulates gas flow and prevents leakage.

4. Flame Failure : Choose the gas stove with flame failure that shuts off the gas supply.

5. Auto : Auto Ignition eliminates the need for matches or lighters, reducing accidental burns.

6. Spill : It prevents the spilled liquid from entering the chamber and hence easy to clean.

 Maintenance and Car Tips for Gas Stove

1. Cleaners : To protect surfaces use soft and non-abrasive cleaners.

2. Cleaning : Clean the gas stove to prevent residue build-up.

3. Vent : Proper ventilation is a must to cut the cooking smell.

4. Leaks : Use a soapy solution to check gas leakage.

5. Scratch : To avoid scratches on the surface avoid hard scrubbing.

6. Cap : Remove and clean the burner cap and grates.

7. Burner head : Remove burner heads and clean any food residue or grease. Use a soft brush or toothpick to clean.

8. Cleaning : Clean the gas stove burners to prevent residue build-up.

9. Handle : Avoid dropping heavy items on the stove to prevent damage.

10. Alignment : Ensure burners and caps are properly aligned after cleaning.

Frequently asked question

1. Which stove size should one buy for the kitchen?

Analyze your kitchen space. 4 burner gas stoves can handle cooking for medium families and 5 burners are for large families.

2. Are cast iron cookware suitable for gas stoves?

Yes. It is compatible and provides perfect heat for cooking.

3. What safety features are available in Faber Gas Stoves?

Flame failure safety device, auto-ignition, heat-resistant knobs, and sealed burners.

4. How do we protect food from burning?

Adjust the flame to a lower setting or shut off the gas supply.

5. What should I consider when choosing between 4-burner and 5-burner gas stove?

Kitchen size, cooking needs, budget and burner variety are the important factors.

6. Can I cover my hob top when not in use?

No. It can lead to heat build-up and can cause fire hazards.


Choosing the best hob top between a 4-burner and a 5-burner depends on your kitchen size, layout, cooking habits, and budget. 4 burner gas stove is ideal for medium families.  A 5-burner gas stove offers more cooking capacity and is suitable for large families and kitchens.

It provides more cooking space with different heat settings. Consider safety features such as flame failure, child lock, auto-ignition, and spillproof.

Faber India offers a variety of Top-quality Gas Appliances in India. Transform your home kitchen and get the latest and innovative gas appliances. Explore our collections and buy best gas stove online .

Buy now and experience the ease of cooking with safety features.

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