What is Built-in Warmer Drawer?

Built-in Warmer Drawer

A built-in warmer drawer is a kitchen appliance that is mounted in a cabinet. It keeps food warm without overcooking it by using hot air. Warmer drawers are an excellent way to keep food hot for serving or warm leftovers for later.

  1. A built-in warmer drawer is a small but useful built-in appliance that blends in with your kitchen cupboards. 
  2. This warming drawer ensures that your food stays at its proper temperature and flavor even if it is served late. 
  3. Faber’s Built-in Warmer drawer allows you to control the temperature of each of your dishes. 
  4. This device can also be used for proofing bread, melting chocolate, and slow-cooking delicate meals. 
  5. Its mild, steady heat makes it a useful tool for a variety of cooking and baking procedures, bringing a new layer of ease to your kitchen.

It saves valuable space and its elegant design ensures that it matches the beauty of your kitchen while also adding functionality.

What Can You Store in a Faber Warmer Drawer?

A Faber built-in warming drawer can hold a variety of goods. Most common 4 types are:

  1. Food: To keep cooked food warm for serving, place it in a warmer drawer. Pasta, rice, veggies, and meats are examples of this.
  2. Leftovers: Place leftovers in a warmer drawer to keep them warm until ready to eat.
  3. Bread: To proof bread dough, place it in a warmer drawer. This will help in the appropriate rise of your bread.
  4. Other goods: Other items such as towels, blankets, and even wine bottles can be stored in a warmer drawer.

5 Features of Built-in Warmer Drawer

Faber is among the top manufacturers of built-in appliances, and it provide a wide selection of warmer drawers. The following are some of the features of a Faber warming drawer:

  1. Slow cook function: A slow cook mode is available in many Faber warmer drawers, allowing you to cook food gently and evenly. This is an excellent method for preparing boil and baked goods.
  2. Sensor temperature control: Sensor temperature control is used by Faber warmer drawers, which means that the temperature inside the drawer is automatically adjusted to maintain the appropriate temperature. This helps to keep food from drying out or overcooking.
  3. Bread proving feature: Some Faber warmer drawers include a bread proofing feature that allows you to proof bread dough in a warm, humid atmosphere. It helps in the appropriate rise of your bread.
  4. Custom Control Technology: Faber warmer drawers employ unique control technology, which lets you customize the settings to the specific demands of your food. This ensures that your food is always perfectly prepared or kept warm.
  5. Faber Built-in Warmer drawer is also known for its durability and energy efficiency.

5 Advantages of Built in Warmer Drawer

There are many advantages to installing a built-in warmer drawer in your kitchen. Here are a few examples of the most common:

  1. Warms food for serving: A warmer drawer is ideal for keeping food warm while you complete other dishes. This is particularly useful when preparing a multi-course meal.
  2. Keep leftovers warm: Place leftovers in the warmer drawer to keep them warm and fresh until you're ready to eat them.
  3. Food that cooks slowly and evenly: Some warmer drawers offer a slow cooking option that allows you to cook food slowly and accurately. This is an excellent method for preparing stews and casseroles.
  4. Bread proofing: Some warmer drawers include a bread proofing option, allowing you to proof bread dough in a warm, humid atmosphere. This aids in the appropriate rise of your bread.
  5. Temperature control: Many warmer drawers offer temperature control that allows you to regulate the temperature to the exact setting that you need. This is useful for keeping many sorts of food warm.

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  • Heating Technology Used in Built-In Warmer Drawers

    Warmer drawers with built-in heating elements are a convenient way to keep food warm without overcooking it. They are available in a variety of sizes and features, and the heating technique used varies according to the model.

    Below are 2 of the most frequent heating mechanisms used in built-in warmer drawers:

    1. Halogen heating: Heat generated by halogen bulbs, which is then distributed throughout the drawer. This method of heating is well-known for its even heat distribution and ability to quickly heat food.
    2. Convection Heating: Convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air around the food, which enables it to cook evenly. This form of heating is also used in some warmer drawers and can be an effective way to keep food warm without drying it out.

    It is important to consider the heating method used when selecting a built-in warmer drawer. If you want a drawer that heats food quickly and evenly, a halogen or convection model is a smart choice.

    Faber Built-in Warmer Drawer has a halogen heating system that provides even heat distribution. It also has a slow cooking function and a bread proofing option.

    Built-In Warmer Drawer Installation and Integration

    Warmer drawers with built-in heating elements are a convenient way to keep food warm without overcooking it. They are often put under the oven or stove and can be integrated with your current kitchen appliances.

    The method of installing a built-in warmer drawer will differ depending on the model and layout of your kitchen. The following are the general steps involved:

    1. Remove the cabinet doors and drawers that will cover the warmer drawer.
    2. Cut a hole in the cabinet base to accommodate the warmer drawer.
    3. Install the warmer drawer into the cabinet.
    4. Connect the warmer drawer to the power supply.
    5. Reinstall the cabinet doors and drawers.

    After installing the warmer drawer, you must integrate it with your existing kitchen appliances. Connecting the warmer drawer to the same ventilation system as your oven or cooktop. The specific integration process will vary based on the model.

    Maintenance and Care of Built-In Warmer Drawers

    The Faber's best built-in warmer drawer is a kitchen delight as well as the best for warming food.

    1. Clean the interior on a regular basis. After each use, clean the interior of the drawer with a moist towel. This will help to keep food residue from gathering and emitting smells.
    2. After each use, empty the drawer. Food left in a drawer might attract insects and bacteria.
    3. Inspect the drawer on a regular basis. Examine the heating elements and seals for any damage. If there is any visible damage, have the drawer fixed or replaced.
    4. Cleaning the drawer on a regular basis. If you live in a hard water area, cleaning will help in the removal of any mineral deposits that may have formed and affected the drawer's performance.

    Here are some more maintenance and care instructions for built-in warmer drawer:

    1. To clean the drawer, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers.
    2. In the drawer, avoid using aluminium foil or plastic wrap. These materials have the potential to melt and damage the drawer.
    3. Avoid overcrowding the drawers. This may hinder appropriate air circulation and cause food to dry out.


    Faber's built-in warmer is the best designed for home kitchens in India. From ease to quality, this device reflects innovation that is meant to enhance your cooking experiences. 

    Built-in warmer drawers are versatile and useful equipment that may be an asset to any kitchen. They can be used to keep food warm while it is being served, to keep leftovers warm for later, or to slow cook meals. Faber India turns your kitchen into a warm retreat, keeping your meals ready to eat anytime you are. Faber's best built-in warmer drawer is more than a piece of appliance; it's an idol for creativity, convenience, and quality.

    Its perfect integration with the design of your kitchen and other devices improves both appearance and usefulness. When it comes to the benefits of the best built-in appliances, the warmer drawer stands out as an essential device.

    You can buy the best built-in warmer drawer for your kitchen from Faber India.

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