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Designed to mirror your personal style and choice, the leader in innovation and inventor of the first chimney – Faber – brings you excellence and efficiency in chimney technology to suit diverse tastes.

aerostation chimney

Aerostation Series
World's Only 3 in 1 Chimney

  • It's a Chimney, It's a Fan, It's an Air Purifier

Collection Series
Premium Hoods Imported from Italy

  • Premium Hoods Imported from Italy
3d chimney

3D+ Hoods
The latest 4-way suction technology

  • Advanced and fast technology with 4-way suction
3d hood

3D Hoods
Advanced features with 3-way suction

  • Clear your kitchen air faster with Faber 3-way suction
sil k feature

An edge over the rest. Technology that brings you silence

  • Reduces hood sound to the minimum
decorative chimney

Decorative Series
Looks good. Works great.

  • Design and function, powered to perform

Filterless Series
No cleaning hassles.

  • Only clean air.
autoclean chimney

Auto-clean Series
Always active. Always on auto clean mode

  • Auto-clean function that saves time
tradition chimney

Traditional Series
Our technology for your air. Without any compromises

  • Quality that found faith in a million homes

Collection Series
Premium Hoods Imported from Italy

  • Premium Hoods Imported from Italy
island chimney

Island Series
Simplicity in design and innovation, for contemporary homes that value time

  • Aesthetic design that mirrors your style

Quit Smoking In The Kitchen Now

Faber Waranty
Designed for quality with lifetime warranty
waranty for chimney
Triple layer filter with cut and clean technology Ensures effective suction with zero clogging
faber chimney waranty
Performance is key with the world’s only 3- and 4-way suction hoods
Chimneys specification
The key to a quiet kitchen is our latest Sil-K technology
waranty in Chimneys
The world’s only 4-way suction hood that sucks in smoke faster
Chimneys auto clean
Hassle free auto-clean technology that saves your time and energy

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Topaz Plus LTW 90

  • 90 cm
  • 1000 m3/hr

Primus Plus Energy TC SC HC BK-N

  • 90
  • 1500 m³/hr

Laurel FL SC Bk

  • 90 cm
  • 1350m3/h


  • 60 cm
  • 1000m3/h


  • 90 cm
  • 1150 m³/hr


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