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Kitchen chimneys are a common necessity in Indian kitchens as they have several advantages over exhaust fans.
If you're looking for a clean and fresh kitchen that will gather compliments, you need to upgrade to the Faber Wall Mount Chimney. Your kitchen needs this upgrade because, without a proper functioning chimney, the atmosphere inside the kitchen won't be favorable for those who spend most of their time inside it.
. A broad range of models is available based on different features, and installation types. These kitchen chimneys with powerful airflow not only keep your kitchen hygienic and clean but also add elegance to it.

1. Improves Air Quality - Cooking in a smoky kitchen is not only suffocating, but it can also be dangerous. You should begin your meal prep at home in a clean and fresh kitchen for the safety of yourself and your family.
2. Regulates Room Temperature - Kitchen hoods are designed to extract the excess heat and steam from above, creating a comfortable cooking environment for the amateur chef.
3. Cleaner Kitchen - Over time, cooking oil particles that settle on cabinets, tiles, and walls can make them look greasy and unsightly. An exhaust fan can't draw away all oil particles, so smoke and grease particles can damage tiles, marble, granite, and even wood furniture over time. These kitchen chimneys help keep your kitchen clean for longer by reducing the amount of smoke and grease in the air.
4. Modern Look - Installing a chimney in your kitchen is not only a great way to make it more functional, but also to improve its aesthetics. You can give your kitchen a modern look by installing a sophisticated chimney that goes well with the decor.

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