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A kitchen chimney is an essential appliance for any modern kitchen. It helps to keep the cooking space smoke-free and smelling fresh by sucking up fumes, grease, and other contaminants from the air. Among the various brands available in the market, Faber stands out as a leading provider of high-quality kitchen chimneys.

Key Features of Faber 700-1000 M3/hr Kitchen Chimney
• 3 Layer Filtration- Filters such as Nylon filter is responsible for removing particles such as dust and dirt from the air. The Carbon filter is used to trap gases, odor, and smoke, and the HEPA filter removes harmful particles such as pollen and dust up to the size of 1 micron.
• Soft Touch - The touch control feature on kitchen chimney/hoods is designed for ease of use with just one touch. With trendy backlit touch control, you can easily access all the features of your chimney and see the function you are operating. This makes it easy to clean your chimney without any hassle.
• Hood with Fan & Air Purification Technology - The Faber Aerostation technology is a top-of-the-line product that has been designed to meet your specific needs. This product provides you with the highest quality and most efficient way to remove smoke and odors from your kitchen. This hood comes with spot cooling and air purification technology to help you breathe pure and to make you love your kitchen.
• 3-Way Suction - Suction power is important to consider when purchasing a kitchen chimney. The suction power of a Faber chimney is 1000m3/hr, which will help you to cook your food easily and peacefully.
• Elegant Design - These beautifully designed chimneys come with a cooling fan and air purifier technology, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to modernize their kitchen. With its smoke-free cooking capabilities.

• 3-Layer Baffle Filter – A better way to filter your oily Indian cooking is the Faber 3-layer baffle filter! This technology is designed to quickly and efficiently separate grease particles, vapors, and odors. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this filter will last a lifetime - no need to ever replace it! Plus, it's easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand.

700-1000 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Online at Best Prices in India

Chimney is an important kitchen appliance which keeps air clean and fresh and also prevents the build-up of grease and dust on the walls and ceilings.

Faber India Kitchen chimney are known for their sleek design and powerful suction. Its easy to clean and maintenance free filter operation make it a convenient and low-maintenance choice for peoples. One of the best feature is its durability. We are the worldwide leader in the making of chimney/hoods.

These are easy to install and operate, and start getting the benefit of smoke-free kitchen in no time. Kitchen chimney also adds elegance to your cooking space.

Importance of Suction Power in Kitchen Chimneys

An electric wall-mounted chimney can make a major impact with sufficient amount of suction power which is an important feature of the chimneys. It ensures a quick escape of smoke, smell, and grease during cooking.

Let's evaluate some of the benefits of having a kitchen chimney with adequate suction power:

1. Efficient Smoke and Odour Elimination: The chimneys with high suction power are effective in removing smoke and smells from the cooking area.

2. Ideal for Indian Kitchens: Indian cuisines contain strong flavors and spices; a powerful wall-mounted electric chimney helps in proper ventilation.

3. Effective Grease Removal: Sufficient suction power removes grease particles hence,  preventing residue from accumulating in the kitchen area.

4. Versatile: The 700–1000 m3/hr suction power range ensures reliable ventilation for diverse cooking methods, including frying, grilling, and stir-frying.

Explore and choose the best chimney for your cooking habits and kitchen size, resulting in a clean and fresh cooking environment.

Considerations for Kitchen Size and Layout

When selecting the best chimney for your home, consider the size and kitchen layout for optimal performance. Few tips for the same are given below:

1. Kitchen Size: Consider the size and shape of your kitchen. For large areas, a powerful wall-mounted chimney is excellent for effective air filtration.

2. Open Kitchen: If your kitchen is open or part of a large living room, consider a chimney with high suction power.

3. Ceiling Height: The height of your kitchen ceiling is an important factor. For effective smoke removal, ensure that the chimney's design matches the height of your ceiling.

4.Layout Efficiency: In home where kitchen's cooking area is away from the chimney installation place, choose a chimney with enough suction power.

Faber Bestseller 700-1000 m3/Hr Kitchen Chimney Price range

The price range of Faber kitchen Chimney varies depending on the type and features of the product. Faber best-seller models range from Rs. 6,175 to Rs. 2, 26,000.

Below is the Best-selling model:  

1. CLASS PRO PB BK LTW 60 :  Rs.7,175

2. PRETTY PLUS PRO BK PB LTW 60 : Rs.11,983

3. MARTINI TC BK LTW 60 : Rs.17,517

4. HOOD FEEL ISOLA BK TC 90 : Rs.50,230

5. TALIKA : Rs. 74,990

6. PAREO : Rs. 2,26,000

Warranties on Kitchen Chimney

The warranty period on 700-1000m3/Hr Kitchen Chimney is 1 Year Comprehensive and 12 Years on Motor.

Key Factors before Selecting the Best Kitchen Chimney:

1. Filter: Chimney with advanced filters like baffle or aluminum are better in performance as they ensure the grease and dust particles get captured..

2. Duct or Ductless: Find either ductless or ducted chimney suits perfect for your kitchen designs and aesthetics.

3. Noise levels: Noise level and Suction power plays an important role, go with the model with less noise production and high suction power.  

4. Design for Indian Kitchens: Choose a chimney that suits you kitchen space and able to manage the various warm flavors of a Indian Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What suction power is ideal for a kitchen chimney?

The ideal suction power basically depends on the size of the kitchen and your cooking habits. Generally, power between 700-1000 m³/hr is suitable for daily home cooking.

  1. How frequently should my chimney filters be cleaned or changed?

The frequency depends on the use for both cleaning and changing your kitchen chimney. But it is advised to clean filters every 2-3 weeks and replace them by 6 months or by a year.

  1. Which one is better: wall-mounted chimneys or others?

Wall-mounted chimneys are common because of their effective ventilation and compact construction. Nevertheless, the decision is based on individual preferences and kitchen arrangement.

  1. Which one among baffle filters and aluminum filters performs better?

Both are similar in performance, both have their own benefits, like Baffle filters are good in grease trapping and aluminum filters are more durable.

  1. How to choose while buying a kitchen chimney online? 

One can buy chimneys online considering factors like suction power, filter type, brand reputation, and customer reviews. 


Choosing the kitchen chimney for your home is important for maintaining a clean cooking environment. These best chimney combines the essential features such as high suction power, enhanced filtration using baffle filter or 3-layer baffle filter and the comfort of wall-mounted design. These ease of buying chimney online from Faber India allows search and comparison to make a good decision. Improve your kitchen experience by buying the top-quality chimney that meets the ventilation and creating the fresh atmosphere for your home.

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