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Water is the essence of life, and its purity is essential for our health.

Water purifiers have become an essential household item to deal with this issue. 

Unfortunately, water from taps or natural sources may contain toxins that are harmful to human health.

Let’s study what are water purifiers and their essential components such as sediment filters, pre carbon filters, RO membranes, post carbon filters (MAT Filters), and UF membranes that deliver safe and clean drinking water.

Basics of Water Purifiers:

  • Water purifiers remove contaminants, impurities, and germs from water, ensuring its safety and health for consumption. 
  • These devices use various filtration and purification technologies to treat water from various sources such as taps, wells, and rivers.

Faber's Best Water Purifiers: Faber is a well-known brand in water purification, with high-quality products and innovative technology. 

5 Major components of Water Purifiers.

1. Sediment Filters: 

  • The first line of defense in water purifiers is sediment filters. 
  • They are in charge of eliminating big particles such as dirt, sand, rust, and other contaminants that can impact the appearance and flavor of the water. 
  • These filters are essential in preventing blockage and extending the life of succeeding filters.

2. Pre Carbon Filter: 

  • The pre-carbon filter in Faber's water purifiers is in charge of removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemical pollutants from the water. 
  • This enhances the flavor and odor of the water while also protecting the RO membrane.

3. RO Membrane (Reverse Osmosis): 

  • The RO membrane is the heart of Faber's RO water purifiers.
  • It uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out dissolved salts, heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, and other toxins, ensuring that the water is safe to drink. 
  • This method, known as reverse osmosis, produces pure water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

4. Post Carbon Filter (MAT Filter): 

  • After RO filtration, water may lose certain essential nutrients and tastes. 
    • This is taken care of by the post carbon filter, commonly known as the MAT filter (Mineral Addition Technology). 
    • It improves the flavor of water by reintroducing important minerals, providing you with clean, mineral-rich water.

    5. UF (Ultrafiltration) Membrane:

    • The UF membrane is utilized in Faber's UF-based water purifiers.
      • It effectively removes bacteria, cysts, and certain viruses from water.
      • UF purification is widely employed in locations with lower TDS levels, providing an extra layer of protection against hazardous microbes.

        8 Benefits of Having Faber's Best Water Purifier for Home Kitchen:

        1. Ensures Safe Drinking Water:

        1. The major and most important advantage of having the best water purifier from Faber is the assurance of safe and clean drinking water. 
        2. These purifiers use modern filtration technologies such as RO, UV, and UF to effectively remove pollutants, germs, viruses, and hazardous chemicals from water, guaranteeing it is safe for consumption.

        2. Remove Impurities:

        • Impurities are removed by numerous stages of filtering in Faber's water purifiers, which include sediment filters, pre carbon filters, RO membranes, post carbon filters (MAT Filter), and UF membranes. 
        • These components work together to remove contaminants like sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and dissolved salts, ensuring that the water you consume is safe to drink.

        3. Enhances Taste and Odor: 

          • The pre carbon filter and post carbon filter (MAT Filter) in Faber's purifiers play an important role in improving water taste and odor. 
          • The water is regenerated by removing chlorine and other chemical pollutants while adding important minerals, making it more delightful to drink.

          4. Reduces Health Risks: 

            • Drinking polluted water can cause a variety of health problems.
            • Faber's top water purifiers provide an efficient barrier against waterborne infections, protecting the health and well-being of your family.

            5. Eco-friendly choice: 

              • Water purifiers are an environmentally favorable solution since they eliminate the usage of single-use plastic bottles. 
              • You can contribute to making the planet a healthier place by minimizing waste made of plastic.

              6. Convenient and easy to use:

              • Having a water purifier at home means you always have access to clean water. There's no need to stock up on water bottles or rely on outside water sources.

              7. Versatility and customization: 

                • Faber offers a variety of water purifiers to meet a variety of water sources and purification requirements. 
                • It also offers the perfect purifier to fit your needs, whether you have high TDS water or need further protection against microbes.

                8. Longevity: 

                1. Faber water purifiers are built to last, giving long-term advantages and value for your investment. 
                2. They can last for years if properly maintained and filters are replaced on a regular basis.

                Faber India is the Best-selling water Purifier for Home with different capacities as:

              1. 7 Liters
              2. 9 Liters
              3. 10 Liters
              4. 15 Liters

                Faber India has a competitive price range for different water capacities in Water Purifiers as:

              6. 7 Liters Water storage ranges from Rs 7,500 - Rs 10,000 
              7. 9 Liters Water storage ranges from Rs 9,000
              8. 10 Liters Water storage ranges from Rs 9,000 - Rs 15,000
              9. 15 Liters Water storage ranges from Rs 17,500


                Water purifiers have become a vital component of our daily lives, ensuring that we have access to clean and safe drinking water. 

                Faber's top water purifiers provide modern technology and reliable performance to the user. Faber's water purifiers ensure the highest purity whether we choose a purifier for high TDS water or a UF-based purifier for lower TDS levels.

                These water purifiers have components, such as sediment filters, pre carbon filters, RO membranes, post carbon filters (MAT Filters), and UF membranes.

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