Exploring Best Water Heaters - Things to Know Before you Buy

Faber’s Best Water Heater Options for Bathroom

Water heaters are necessary equipment in our modern lifestyle as it  provides hot water for our daily activities. Depending upon different usage people choose different types of water heaters but for many of you, it becomes difficult to choose from the instant water heaters and water storage heaters for home. Here we will look at the most important elements to consider when purchasing a water heater.


Faber India, No. 1 Home Appliance Manufacturers in India also offers a range of excellent water heaters for bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. Electric water heaters are always loved by millions of users in India due to its high quality standards. Their popular Water heaters categories are:

1. Instant Water Heaters

  • Instant water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters because of its Energy efficiency and on-demand hot water supply.
  • These heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit, removing the need for a storage tank. 
  • These water heaters are perfect for smaller areas with limited hot water needs due to its small size and quick heating capabilities.
  • Temperature control and user-friendly features of these water heaters make it perfect for the bathroom and kitchen use.

2. Water Storage Heater

  • Water storage heaters store hot water in a tank, ensuring a constant supply of hot water. 
  • They are appropriate for larger houses or locations with high hot water consumption. 
  • Water storage heaters are capable of providing hot water to several outlets at the same time. 
  • Though it consumes more energy due to its constant water supply.


6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Heater

  1. Capacity: figure out your home's hot water needs based on the number of people and daily usage. Choose a water heater with sufficient capacity to satisfy your requirement.
  2. Efficiency Efficiency: To save money on utility costs and minimize your carbon footprint, look for models with higher efficiency ratings.
  3. Size & Space: Consider the available installation space. Select the compact, wall-mounted water heater if you have limited space.
  4. Fuel Type: Depending on availability, energy choices, and price, choose between electric, gas, or solar-powered water heaters.
  5. Safety Features: To ensure safe features, make sure the water heater you choose has necessary safety features such as temperature control and pressure release valves.
  6. Warranty and Durability: Read customer reviews and research the product's durability. Longer warranty period is usually indicative of a higher-quality water heater.


Let’s have a look at Faber’s Best Water Heater Options for Bathroom, Kitchen, and Toilet.

  1. Best Bathroom Water Heater: Faber instant water heater with adjustable temperature settings ensures a continuous and comfortable water flow, making it ideal for bathing experience.
  2. Water Heater for Kitchen: Faber's water storage heaters with larger capacities will provide a stable and continuous supply of hot water for cooking and dishwashing.
  3. Toilet Water Heater: For hot water in your toilet, use a small and energy-efficient Faber instant water heater.

Explore Faber’s Best-selling Water heaters for Home in India:

  1. Faber India Electric Instant Water Heaters
  2. Faber India Electric Storage Water Heaters
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