Pro Chopper 250W WH - Best Chopper Under ₹1500 in India

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In modern kitchens, mini choppers are transforming the working style.

The Pro Chopper is a small electric kitchen appliance for chopping, grinding, and blending. It’s made of plastic and has sharp blades that rotate quickly. These are multi-purpose kitchen tools that save time.

How does Chopper work?

A chopper operates on a motor, which rotates blades quickly. These blades cut the meals into smaller pieces.

How to use a Pro Chopper?

1. Speed setting : Choose the one that has speed control according to your usage.

2. Safety : Be sure it’s properly assembled and placed on a stable plain surface for smooth operation.

3. Technique : Press the button as needed, do not over-process it.

4. Fill : Avoid overfill to prevent spillage.

5. Storage : Store the chopper in a clean and dry place.

Advantages of Faber small appliances as Pro Chopper

1. Time : Choppers save time with their quick meal preparation.

2. Efficiency : With sharp blades and a powerful motor it chops quickly and can chop vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more.

3. Versatile : It can chop a wide range of ingredients.

4. Size : Mini Choppers take up very little space and are perfect for small kitchens.

5. Use : It’s so simple to use, operate, and clean.

6. Cost : Faber India choppers are affordable with powerful motors and longer warranty period.

Buy PRO CHOPPER 250W WH online from Faber


1. 650 ml Capacity

2. Build with high strength blades

3. BPA-free plastics body material

4. Can chop 10grms of food

5. IPX65 waterproof

6. 2 years warranty

Recipes to prepare with your best Pro Chopper

1. It can make fresh salsa and dips.

2. It can chops onions, peppers and tomatoes for vegetable preparation.

3. It can be used to make homemade almond or peanut butter.

4. It can chop stale bread to make fresh bread crumbs to add texture in dishes.

5. Choppers can handle soft fruits to make purees or baby food.

6. It can chop meat and vegetables.

Key features to consider before buying choppers

1. Motor Strength : Consider motor wattage and its power for efficiency.

2. Material : Choose stainless steel blades and BPA-free plastics.

3. Capacity : Determine the capacity of the chopper that suits your needs.

4. Durable : Choose the best mini choppers from Faber that are durable and have more warranty.

Maintenance and care tips while using the chopper

1. Cleaning : After every use, wash the blades and bowl with warm soapy water.

2. Dry : Make sure to dry all the parts.

3. Blade Maintenance : Check and replace the blades after some time.

4. Motor : While cleaning avoid immersing the motor and its part to prevent damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose between a mini and a big chopper?

A mini chopper is ideal for doing small daily tasks, while a big chopper is for large quantities.

2. How do I maintain the sharpness of the blades?

Check the blades after every use and avoid chopping extremely hard items.

3. Can I use my chopper to crush ice?

Mini choppers are not designed to crush ice. Check your model specifications to avoid any damage.

4. ​ Can I use a chopper to make smoothies?

Yes. They can handle soft fruits for making purees or baby food.

5. How much should I fill the chopper bowl?

Avoid overfilling the bowl. It is best to chop into small parts for better functioning.

6. What are the safety tips for using choppers?

Keep your hands away from blades. Unplug before cleaning, and read the manual.

Choosing the perfect pro chopper can transform your cooking experience. With their flexibility and efficiency, meals can be prepared easily. Explore Faber India to get the best pro chopper under 1,299 Rs . Whether to chop veggies, puree sauce, or make smoothies, it has made working easier. Also consider factors like capacity, settings, factors to consider, ease of maintenance, and how to use the chopper and blender. Buy a chopper that fits in your kitchen.

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