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Splendor 4BB SS AI

Width – 58.5 cm

Burners – 4 Brass burners

Frame – Brush Steel Finish Frame

Burners – 1 Small + 2 Medium + 1 Large Burner

Pan support – Powder coating Round

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Faber cooktop features an exquisite brush steel frame finish that gives it a wonderful sheen. Moreover, the glass used is specially toughened to give you ultimate durability and scratch-resistance. It looks elegant and adds a wonderful charm to your kitchen.

Faber cooktop comes equipped with 4 high-performance, high-quality short blast brass burners that give you complete assurance of safety from fire. Its 1 small, 2 medium and 1 large burners means that you can now rest assured that-no matter what the quantity of food-your cooktop will be ready for it.

Body of this Faber cooktop is crafted with toughened glass, which gives it a clean and classy finish along with durability to last longer.

A modern, convenient and safe innovation—the Faber hobtop is equipped auto ignition push buttons. This helps you start the hobtop with a simple ‘click’, so you don’t have to worry about using a lighter.

Understanding that the knobs are the control center of the cooktop, Faber cooktop’s are fitted with super-durable, industrial-grade plastic knobs that have a much longer life and are built to keep your cooking experience fully in your control.

Faber cooktops are specially designed to make the cooking experience classy and the cleaning experience easy. The cooktop body can endure all things from the spicy and oily Indian cuisine to the saucy and creamy Italian cuisine, and still stay stain proof. After cooking, these cooktops can be easily and fully cleaned with a wet cloth and a cleaning agent.

Additional information


4 Burner


58.5 cm


Brush Steel Finish Frame

Type of Burners

1 Small + 2 Medium + 1 large Burner

Pan support

Powder coating Round


Fixed round Drip tray

Size (LxWxH)

585x500x55 mm


2 Years Comprehensive, 2 Years on Glass, Burner and Valve