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Storage Tank: 9 Liters

Pump: 1.0 LPM

Total Stages of Purification 7

Water Level Indicator: Available

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Its Elegant Design with 9 Liters High Storage Capacity Tank, Black glossy finish and stylish Tap Lever ensures that the purifier enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

As Water passes through RO Membrane, it removes hazardous chemicals dissolved in water such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, hardness & other salts from water

This RO Membrane works even at High TDS of 2500 ppm in water. This purifier can work with any source of water be it municipal supply, borewell or tank water.

RO+UF+MAT ensures that every drop of water that you drink is sweet and always safe.

Large Storage Tank Capacity 9 Liters, ABS Food Grade Plastic, You will never run out of purified water.

Copper guard technology acts as anti-fouling agent thereby ensuring that you drink pure, hygienic, tasty water at all times.

Adds back essential minerals like copper, calcium and magnesium back to your drinking water

Additional information

Storage Tank

9 Liters


1.0 LPM

Total Stages of Purification


Stage 1 (External Filter)

Sediment Filter – 1 (20 micron)

Stage 2

Sediment Filter – 2 (5 micron)

Stage 3

Pre Carbon Filter

Stage 4

RO Membrane – 80 GDP, NSF-58 Approved

Stage 5

Post Carbon Filter

Stage 6

MAT Filter (with Post Carbon)

Stage 7

UF Membrane

Water Level Indicator


Body Back Plate Colors

White – Grey


1 Year