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With growing air pollution & increasing in the risk of health hazards, it is important to use something which keeps you and  your loved ones healthy & your kitchen pollution free.

Faber introduces the world’s only Aerostation Chimney with  3D Technology which offers the functionality of 3 appliances  in 1. This appliance combines the functionality of a 3D  chimney, a fan and an air purifier.

3-in-1 AeroStation AIR PURIFIER FILTER
1. NYLON FILTER: Remove particles, such as dust and dirt, form the air.
2. CARBON FILTER: Carbon filter to trap the Odors, Gases and neutralizes them.
3. HEPA FILTER: 1 Micron filter HEPA traps harmful particles such
as Dust, Smoke, Pollen, etc., and gives efficiency upto 95%.

Product Highlights:-
Width- 90cm

Finish – Aligator Black

Control – Premium Backlit Soft Touch Panel

Speed – 3 + Intensive Speed

Filter – 3 layer Baffle

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3 Layer Filtration

Nylon filter removes particles such as dust & dirt from the air; the carbon filter is used to trap the gases, odor and neutralizes them whereas hepa filter removes harmful particles such as dust, smoke, pollen etc. up to the size of 1-micron

Touch Control

Touch Control enables ease of operation with just one touch and makes your kitchen hood an easy and effortless product to use. It comes with trendy touch control with backlit that will give easy access to all the features of your chimney so you can see the function you are operating & clean it without any hassle.

Hood with Fan and Air Purification Technology

The hood comes with spot cooling and air purification technology. Faber 3-in-1 hood with aerostation technology is one of its kind and has been designed especially for you to help you breathe pure and to make you love your kitchen.

3-Way Suction

Suction power refers to the consumption of oil and smoke particles while you are cooking in your kitchen. Faber chimney comes with 3-way suction power of 1090m3/h, which helps you to cook your food easily and peacefully.

Elegant Design

Faber brings this chimney with cooling Fan and Air Purifier technology.

Flawlessly made this Aerostation 3D chimney from Faber is all that you have to modernize your kitchen. The beautiful chimney helps ensure smoke-free cooking

3-Layer Baffle Filter

3 Layer baffle filter – a patented baffle filter technology designed especially for oily Indian cooking. Faber 3 layer baffle filter allows vapours to suddenly chop and change direction, thereby separating grease particles. Constructed from stainless steel to last for lifetime, hence no cost for replacement. Can be easily cleaned in dishwasher or by hand.

Additional information


90 cm


Alligator Black


1000 m³/hr


LED 2×1.5 watt


Premium Backlit Soft Touch Panel


3 + Intensive Speed


3 Layer Baffle Filter

Fan Motor

3 Speed

Bio Colour LED for Speed Indication

Speed 1 – Green, Speed 2 – Orange, Speed 3 – Red

Purifier Specification

Nylon Filter – Remove particles such as dust and dirt from the air.
Carbon Filter – Traps Odour, Gases and Neutralise them.
HEPA 1.0 PM Filter – High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter which removes Dust, Smoke particles upto size of 1 Micron.


1 year comprehensive, 12 years on motor and rotor