Faber- Kitchen Chimneys- Aerostation Series- Aerostation Sparkle TC AS LTW 90

Aerostation Sparkle TC AS LTW 90

Width: 90 cm
Suction: 1000 m³/hr
Filter: 3 Layer Baffle Filter
Control: Premium Touch Control
Lamp: LED 2x1.5 watt
Available Colours
Finish Antique Silver
ControlPremium Touch Control
Speed3 + Intensive Speed
Filter3 layer Baffle
Suction1000 m3/hr
Lamp LED 2x1.5 watt
Fan Specification 
ControlPremium Touch Control
Motor3 Speed
Bio Colour LED for Speed IndicationSpeed 1 - Green; Speed 2 - Orange; Speed 3 - Red
Purifier Specification 
Nylon FilterRemove particles such as dust and dirt from the air.
Carbon FilterTraps Odour, Gases and Neutralise them
HEPA 1.0 PM FilterHigh-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter which removes Dust, Smoke particles upto size of 1 Micron.

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