Zenith Filterless Autoclean Chimney, The one that your Kitchen desires

Nowadays, Chimneys have become an important part of your Kitchen. It is always monitors your food with you out every time you cook something for your loved ones. So it is very important that it is as clean and hygienic as much we take care of our ingredients.  

Our Zenith Hood Kitchen Chimney is the best companion for all those master chefs who take outmost care of their surroundings while cooking food. 


Features of Zenith Chimney


Our chimney is equipped with the suction power of 1350m3/hr with a 4 way suction hood that is sufficient enough to quickly make your kitchen completely smoke free. Moreover, it is filterless which means less hassle of servicing and more peace of mind. The touch panel on the chimney adds a certain charm to it, making it look more premium. It has 3 power modes to enhance its performance with gesture sensitive control panel. That means one can increase or decrease the power of chimney just by a wave of hand. Faber India believes in giving the best comfort solutions to everyone. And for that, this Faber Chimneys are equipped with auto clean function. A touch is enough to make your Zenith chimney get rid of all the dirt from it.

Auto clean is one of the major USP of this kitchen chimney. Most people who install chimneys are pissed of getting it cleaned again and again. The oil and grease are the biggest pollutants of a chimney. They choke its parts, making its working capabilities suffer. Just by a tap on the touch, one can easily get their chimney clean on its own which will not get any pollutant to enter the motor that may restrict its functioning.




Zenith Chimney from Faber is made of tempered glass which gives it a distinctive look in itself. There are many people who love to cook, there are people who spend a significant time of their day in Kitchen. To uplift their vibes, our intent is to make beautiful chimneys because for a healthy cooking, you need a healthy environment.


Hood Pareo – A Telescopic Island Hood

Yummy Chole Bhature for Chintu. Garma-garam aloo ke paranthe for hubby. Steaming idli vada for papa and mummy. 
Love whipping up tasty meals for your family, but dread the smoke that comes along with it? Don’t let the grease and smoke come in the way of happy family times. Get home a Faber Hood. It sucks up smoke, grease, dust, dirt and more, in a jiffy, giving you a clear kitchen space to cook up those delicious treats. Our latest offering – the Hood Pareo – takes this a step forward. Pareo is a premium hood imported from Italy and is made of a world class material – Tibetan Silver – giving it a unique, unmatched and ruggedly beautiful look. 




Take your eyes off this exquisite beauty if you can. The Hood Pareo has a lovely telescopic island hood design, unlike any other available in the market. But it’s not just designed to look good, it’s designed to work good too. It comes with not one, not two, not three…but FOUR LED lights that provide you with optimum lighting for the space you work in, and so you can cook safely and easily.
It also comes with push-button controls that help you navigate the chimney with complete ease, making cooking a comfortable and convenient experience for you. Classy and convenient, just the way you like it. 




But that’s not all. The chimney also comes with cassette filters, which make cleaning the chimney filters a far simpler and easier process than anything else you may have encountered before. The best part, however? It has an amazing suction capacity of 1000 m³/hr, so the chimney clears up smoke and grease etc in a jiffy. Sayonara, annoying cooking fumes!

Ofcourse, it’s no surprise coming from the house of Faber. As a worldwide leader in kitchen hoods and an innovation driver in kitchen technologies the world over, we always strive to bring to life appliances that turn the kitchen from just a space to an enjoyable experience for you.

No wonder then, FRANKE FABER is India’s leading kitchen appliances manufacturer, and has been a household name for the past 20 years. But our mission remains to be the ideal partner to our customers while maintaining maximum attention to issues concerning Quality, Safety, and Environment. We work towards this goal every single day.

Go ahead, bring home this wonderful new chimney from Faber India, and cook healthy while you remain healthy! Visit (short link) for more.