Faber Dishwasher – Make it beautiful

Faber Dishwasher – Make it beautiful


A neat and clean kitchen is always a happy kitchen. But after a feast at your place, what kill your mood is always the dirty utensils. Washing them is tough job and to make it simpler, Faber India has got their best range of dishwashers for you all. Putting the utensils in dishwasher is definitely an easy task than cleaning them from hand. No matter, you organized the feast for 3 people or 30 people, Faber Dishwasher can take it all.


Faber always wanted the life of its consumer easy and simple. And so is our dishwasher. It is very easy to operate and have 14 places to keep your utensils. All those people who want their precious cutlery to always stay the way, they first time got them home, Faber Dishwasher is well suited for them. It got 8 washing modes to clean every minute dirt and an adjustable washing tray to fit every shape and size of utensil. There are three washing zones namely upper, lower and both so that one can use the dishwasher even when it is not on full load. This specific feature also helps in lowering the wastage of water and increasing the efficiency of dishwasher. Moreover, one can set the schedule timings and the dishwasher and start and stop accordingly. 

Faber Dishwasher working programs

More washing modes means more versatility of dishwasher. Our dishwasher is equipped with 8 different programs like auto, normal, eco, heavy/intensive etc. One also get the option of running the dishwasher in express and power wash modes in which they can set the perfect temperature and no. of cycles of wash. There is a separate mode for cleaning of your delicate glassware's so that they are safe during the wash. 

Why should one buy a Faber dishwasher?

Faber Dishwashers not just save water, they also take care of your hands. They are capable of cleaning in different temperatures so that your right kind of dirt gets right kind of counter. Just remember to change the modes and your utensils will get right kind of treatment. Get a Faber Dishwasher and Make your Kitchen Beautiful.

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