Advanced technology and stylish design: F-light is here, the new range of lamp extractor hoods from Faber, a leading kitchen hood manufacturer. Perfect for all types of cooking, thanks to their refined style which never fails to impress, lighting up the hob with a hi-tech touch, to satisfy cooking lovers and sophisticated fans of style.
There are seven models in the F-light range: Zoom, Vertigo, Chic, Nest, Kaleidos, Luxia and Vanilla. Their strengths? A two-fold technological core presented in an impeccable exterior: the new models by Faber are extractor hoods and lamps, with the same lighting power as traditional lighting systems. They can be connected and turned on directly using a wall switch or be used independently from the hood controls.
Thanks to the exclusive “up & down” technology developed by Faber, the hood delicately slides down towards the hob only when it is turned on, so automatically increases efficiency. When the fan is no longer needed, with a simple movement, it sleekly moves back up to the ceiling, freeing the space over the hobs. An ingenious solution, which is aesthetically impressive and functions efficiently. All the F-light models can be installed with the extractor fan by using specific tubes which do not ruin the harmony of the design: the tube disappears behind the central body of the hood when it is not in use.
The F-light appliances can all be used via remote control, which also avoids there being too many controls on the appliance itself which can take away from the lines of the design: the lamp hoods have only two buttons, one for the on/off switch and one for the lights.
There is more. Just like with every Faber model, even the F-light range comes with an innovative extractor functions and powerful motors which increase the efficiency of the extractor capacity, reducing the noise levels. The Intensive speed extractor option means you can increase and intensify the extraction of odours and smells in short bursts of time.
Practicality and style find a perfect balance. With an elegant, sophisticated and curvy design, the F-light hoods light up the cooker hobs and the kitchen space with a unique style, thanks to the quality of the materials and the mirrored and mosaic finishes, with a focus on embellishment, which make these a must-have appliance for the kitchen.