Three different and complementary functions joined in a single appliance. This super-hood, called Klima, is destined to change the way you think about the kitchen forever. Resulting from extensive research involving a vast team of engineers and designers, the hood, which has been defined hood 2.0, was created in collaboration with Olimpia Splendid, leading company in air conditioning section and with the international architecture and design studio King & Miranda, which not only gave it its sophisticated internal technology but contributed to the extraordinary design which makes it truly unique.

The result is a single appliance with three distinct and independent, yet complementary, functions: the traditional ventilator hood function, incredibly silent and meeting the highest standards, is combined for the first time with a highly powerful climate control for air-conditioning or heating the space in accordance with seasons. Klima is therefore capable of cooling, heating, and efficiently purifying the air of an environment of up to 40 square metres.
Produced by Faber, world leader in the production of ventilation range hoods for 50 years and an example of all-Italian production, the Klima hood was created to respond to the needs in Italian’s most-loved domestic area, the one in which we spend the most pleasant moments of the day, with the people we care about most. The kitchen, which has grown more and more hi-tech and elegant, has today reclaimed the lead role in the house, especially for the younger generations. That’s why there’s a need to combine and unite appliances, transforming the kitchen into the most exclusive and dynamic area of the house.
The Klima range hood isn’t just innovative, but “clean”, truly able to revolutionise the way you enjoy your kitchen. The kitchen is a place in which harmful substances such as carbon monoxide can concentrate due to gas combustion, together with cooked and fermented food odours, smoke, steam and condensation; but thanks to its dual function, the Faber super-hood transforms the kitchen into an oasis of safe, healthy air. How? In combination with the usual ventilation function and its extraordinary silence level, the new Hybrid hood comes equipped with additional filters placed in the climate control unit, which purify the air of odours and harmful elements, rendering it clean and perfectly climate-controlled.
But there’s more: the new Faber range hood is also an energy saver serving the environment. –Next future a new “eco-friendly version” will become available, capable of treating and re-circulating clean air in the kitchen while at the same time saving precious energy, thanks to a revolutionary heat-source recovery system.
Destined to start a new market trend and create a definitive divide in the sector, the revolutionary Klima Range Hood, in addition to its amazing performance capabilities, is convenient and easy to clean thanks to the washable internal filters and the ease with which the parts can be disassembled. It also guarantees total convenience, even during the installation phase. While the compressor is positioned externally, as in a normal air conditioner, the air handler is perfectly integrated inside the hood’s structure. The fan and battery for hot and cold air are integrated in the hood’s body, an advantage that benefits the space usage, functionality, and aesthetics of the appliance.
Characterised by a simple and functional design, created by the King & Miranda studio, it is designed to be installed in any kind of environment, guaranteeing technological excellence and the highest quality standards. In fact, the Faber Klima Hood is already a great success, so much so that Scavolini, one of the top kitchen brand in Italy, has chosen it to embellish its brand-new “kitchen of the future”..
There are different sizes to meet every need (60, 90, and 120 cm) with the option for wall installation, island installation or installation in hanging wall units, with both ventilation mode and filtering mode.